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Totally made of stainless steel AISI-304, with the following characteristics:

Cylinder made of sheet of e=4mm thickness in its body. The cylinder has in its upper part a reinforcement folding of the same material. Its use is to give rigidity to the inner part or internal body that will be polished. Auxiliary legs of the deposit are made of sheet, with “L” shape and lateral reinforcements, axis of rotation in calibrated 50 mm, shovels in roadside panel 40 x 6 attached to the shaft. In order to simplify disassemble; there will be two bridles with 4 screws each one in both ends of the said shaft.

 It will be furnished by packing gland at both ends, in the driving part a 4Kw reducer motor will be installed and a 30 RPM direct output will be attached to the shaft; on the other end, there will be a bearing support type UCP-209. The cover will be divided in two parts, one of them in sheet and the other in methacrylate, and it will have side buffers in order to maintain it opened when opening.


The central sluice-gate will measure 200x200 mm and it will have a pneumatic closing/opening and a maneuver electro-valve for cylinder at the dump door, as well as in cable gland welding.

The electric control panel will be provided with a frequency variator, security gates, push-buttons, turning potentiometer, closing aperture of chopper gate, emergency stop button and small automaton to control the times.


Cylinder diameter: 600 mm

Body height: 750 mm

Mixer length: 1300 mm


Length: 1900mm

Width: 1000mm

Height: 1060mm

Brand new machine

Capacity: 500 l